11 Popular Asked Questions about Owosso and Ovid Elsie Homes

This question always comes up, how do I get to Elsie? Let me give you some quick details first. This rural town is located in Cinton County, the correct name of the township is actually called Village of Elsie with a zip code of 48831. It’s located North of Lansing, Perry, and Bath Michigan. To the East is Owosso and Durand. If you go West, you’ll see Westphalia, Fowler, Eureka and Maple Rapids and a few other small towns. What’s further than Elsie going North? If you keep driving on 127, you’ll come to Ashley Michigan and eventually Ithaca.

The closest big city would be St Johns and Owosso MI. I bet you want to know how far out of town? If I drove from Elsie to St Johns Michigan, it would be about 15 miles and take me 20 minutes. Now, if I drove from Elsie to Owosso, it would still be about the same like 20 minutes long. It’s only a longer ride by an extra mile (16 miles or so). In other words, it’s definitely a short drive to big chain stores like Kroger, Walmart, Applebee’s and Baker College.

Is there a school in the city of Elsie? How many students are enrolled?

Yes I know there are two elementary schools in this area. Leonard and EE Knight Elementary School located on Tyler Drive. I found out that EE Elementary is rated #5 best public elementary schools in Clinton County Michigan. This school is for kids in 1st grade to 5th grade. Hey, Niche.com gave it a review score of a B with really good academics and teachers.

I need to 3 find daycare services for my son or daughter. Where are the Early Childhood Education Centers?

I couldn’t find any locally owned or private preschools in town or on the main road. However, one option is to take that small drive to St Johns or Owosso because you would have a lot more options for childcare. For instance, I know of Rainbow Place and Meadowviewland Preschools in Saint Johns. You could also check out Facebook community groups to see if anyone does in-home day care for an affordable price.

What are the school colors and mascot of Ovid Elsie Area Schools?

The official mascot for Ovid-Elsie Public Schools is the Marauders and their school colors are gold and blue.

Who are the top 2 industries of employment? Where can I find work?

I researched this information to find that most residents work in the field of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and wildlife and manufacturing.

What is the median sold price of homes?

Many of the house listings sell for around $80,795.

Is Elsie a safe place to live? What crime happens near this house? How often?

I did a search result for crime reports as far as 4 months back and there is little to no crime here.

Where are the local township and parks in the Village of Elsie? Do they have a dog park?

Who else loves walking in the spring and summer? Elsie Park is just a 13 minute (0.7 miles) walk from this cute home. How awesome would it be to own a house near a park? I would love to take a morning stroll everyday. What’s really nice is that youre walking on one main road almost the entire time, you only take one right turn onto Park Avenue once you arrive.

Where is the nearest district library and post office?

You can find the Elsie Public Library on West Main Street, the main road that runs through town, which makes it very convenient to find. I love when things are easy to find, how about you? I also drove past the Elsie EMT building or Emergency Medical Services center right next door to the library.

What are 5 local businesses in Elsie?

If you drive through this small town, you’ll find three auto service companies including Jerome’s Auto Repair, Reliable Tire and Auto Repair and Miller’s. I also saw a local air conditioning company called Remandco Refrigeration. I love supporting those Ma and Pa restaurants. There is a local place to eat called Foo G’s Pizza. Yes, they have a Dollar General store if you love shopping on a budget or doing DIY crafts and home decor projects.

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